GARDEN / FLORAL: Floral Arch from Heather Fields

Did you realize Heather Field's Home & Garden is represented at Rosenberg Group at LA Mart?  Market starts Sunday!  Scope this gorgeous sophisticated arch, artfully decorated with lovely red roses.  Wedding & event planners, what better photo opportunity than this sinuous structure?  Visit for more iron garden & outdoor decor.


Tony Destroni said...

wow this is impressive ! how much is this arch anyway? i hope that i can visit there . is the market open every Sunday only or its open in weekdays i hope that you have plenty of garden stuffs there and some garden wind spinner . cant wait !

Rosenberg Group said...

Hello Tony & thank you for your interest! It is priced at wholesale & is available at retail outlets. Rosenberg Group at LA Mart is open every weekday & on weekends during quarterly tradeshows. Definitely we have great garden & outdoor products! Please email & we'll gladly accommodate your interests. Thank you!

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